The Masters of
Film Music

Danny Elfman:
The master behind scores like Batman, The Nightmare before Christmas,
Edward Scissorhands, Men in Black, Mars Attacks
and many more.

John Williams:
Perhaps the greatest of them all with Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Jurassic Park,
Schindler's List, JFK, Jaws, Superman
and many, many more on the record.

Jerry Goldsmith:
The old maestro have a.o. written scores like The Omen, 3 Star Trek movies
(Including First Contact and The Motion Picture), Poltergeist, Alien, Chinatown, L.A. Confidential + +.

James Horner:
Now most famous for Titanic, but have also done scores for
Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan, Braveheart, Aliens and more.

Alan Silvestri:
Creator of the music from Back to the future, Forrest Gump, The Abyss, The Bodyguard and more.

Hans Zimmer:
Has written True Romance, The Rock, As good as it gets, Backdraft, Lion King, Crimson Tide + +

Angelo Badalamenti
Composer of the lovely and mysterious movies of David Lynch,
like Twin Peaks, Wild at Heart, Lost Highway, Blue Velvet and more.

Other famous composers

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